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I am here to help you feel connected!  I offer two different services: you can get your very own body mind listening session  or your very own bodymind connecting session! 😀

Why is Body Listening Important ?    the more you  listen and care for your OWN body, the more you peace you are potentially capable of feeling and the more understanding you might be able to have both of yourself and others.    Better understanding, better listening abilities, better health, better connections, better empathy, better compassion and a higher chance of actually getting all of our needs met if we learn how to listen to & care for our own bodies & the bodies of those around us.  It really is ALL about listening and connecting on so many more different levels.

Why is Body Mind Connecting Important: Connecting People’s Minds and Beings Through the Power of a Safe Connecting Healing Touch,  Connecting Minds with Touch Helps your Health, your WellBeing, and even can help your ability to find peace of mind and to feel safe and peaceful in this big big world that we live in.

Studies have shown that connecting minds through touch can not not only help people’s immune system, but also help you to find peace, calmness and help you to be more resiliant to stress.  Neuroscientist Edmund Rolls showed that touch activates the brain’s orbitofrontal cortex, where one is able to feel peacefulness, joy and compassion.

Unfortunately mostly because of how some have dealt with sexuality,stereotypically leaving some people thinking that it’s the way to get their needs for intimacy met, and creating a world of fear revolved around touch, touch has become more and more taken away from our worlds.  Touch can be an incredible healing and an incredibly destructive force depending on so many contectual and situational matrixes.  So sadly, as an aftereffect, even the simplest of healing touches can become difficult for our brains to receive because of all the taboos and fears revolving around it.    Even massage therapists in order to protect themselves have had to wrap themselves around certifications and licenses in order to practice many of the more intricate healing forms of touch.  Though having had the formal training myself, I did finally come to understand a few reasons for doing this bc there are actually quite a few contraindications for certain types of touch.  but please note, that even though I have had some formal training, and even though I have been working on people all of my life practically, I am NOT a certified or licensed massage therapist anymore..  I have also come to realize that though I have loved doing massage therapy for years, my true joy comes from not from interacting with a persons muscles, but from being allowed to help a person heal with the power of just simple connective touch.

It has always been remarkable to me how a person can heal a considerable amount of their body simply by allowing themselves permission to feel the power of having their bodies simply feel heard by both themselves and by me.  I believe the body — that most tensions of the body are often caused by a lack of allowing ones body to be listened to and paid attention to.  and that simple human touch in a comforting reassuring connecting caring way can often be just enough to promote healing. It has always been remarkable to me how just simply helping a person’s mind connect and listen to themselves — to their own bodies in such a way can promote so much much incredible healing both to the mind and to the body…

and after years of working on guests of the house, I found that instead of continuing with traditional massage therapy,  I have preferred being able to do this all is a much more relaxed nonstandard setting outside of the normal rules and regulations that massage therapists are expected to follow.  My own personal joy comes from being able to help people feel safe and connected and when I get to allow the power of a healing touch to occur in a more relaxed natural setting of conversation,  and as part of a benefit of being a friend of my little family.

I personally find that more healing can occur in a person when there is the simple natural form of the more simpler essenses of just simple connective touch & listening to your muscles in a relaxed setting — which I try to make safe for both of us but accomplished in a more laissez-faire way that leaves you feeling more connected to another human being .. where not only are you a client but where you are also an accepted friend of the family who gets this added benefit to their own wellbeing as a bonus, which is why I am very picky about which clients I will accept.    Because of this, I will only accept clients whom I feel safe to have around myself and my family.

Also, Because I am no longer certified or licensed I cannot legally do or charge for a traditional massage anymore (though I did hear that apparantly reflexology is still legal to do without a license, or so I have heard).  But just to be clear, because there seems to be a lot of confusion about this….. even though I am not a massage therapist, and even though I am offering body listening sessions and body connecting sessions,  I am most certainly not offering any sexual touches that one might get with a prostitute.  I offer simple touch as a way of helping to healing body, mind, and spirit..  It is kind of like “renting a friend” but with the added bonus of someone who also knows a thing or two about listening to your muscles and who wishes to help you learn to also be able to listen an heal your own body.  If you were to go to the rentafriend website, they do not allow any form of touch at all.  But it is my belief system that there is not enough safe healing touch encouraged in this world anymore.   I am trying to make a little dent in that, showing how healing just simple listening touch can be..

Though do note, I still also recommend going to certified massaged therapist who has more updated and advanced training, and to also go to an acupunturist and to a chiropractor and getting other bodywork done.  My own touch, though it may be helpful in healing for some people, should only be a small portion of the care you give your body.

My own personal goal is to be able to provide all my years of experience working on bodies to try to offer some the healing power of helping to heal the mind body connection through the simple power of focused attention and touch mixed with all the knowledge and insights I have accumulated over the years.

Occasionally I might integrate some of what I know about massage therapy, but if that occurs, that is just a bonus, and it is NOT what you will be paying for.  What you are paying for is not massage therapy, but to receive a portion of my focused attention, my focused energy, and having access to the accumulation of over 30 plus odd years of experiences and knowledge that I have accumulate over the years in a relaxed semi-safe setting, though agreeably not as safe as you would get with a certified massage therapist or certified healer.

If you have me work on you, You MUST be willing to accept and take full responsibility for ALL risks of having me work with you. There are lots of risks involved when you allow anyone to touch your body, and you must be willing to accept all and full responsibility for that risk before I am willing to work on you.  You may not hold me liable for any of the risks that one is taking by having anyone touch their body.  Or by visiting any person.  For example, did you know that certain touches can actually accidentally cause major injury and even miscarriages if a person is pregnant.  Certain touches can even accidentally make a person sicker. You run all these risks and more whenever you let anyone touch you.  And, sorry but for my own safety, my phone always stays out.

All this being said, I do offer an assortment of interesting sessions under those two main categories of a bodymindlistening and bodymindconnecting..   from a standard regular bodymindlistening session to some rather more interesting experiences such as what one person called the “tickle experience” and another one, which is my personal favorite “the audible experience”   for a select few clients, I am even willing to offer the “pygmalian” dance…

Note: ALL SESSIONS are strictly platonic.  Again, let me extra clear, although I do offer a few sensual experiences, at NO TIME will a sexual experience ever be offered and if it is asked for during a session, you run the risk that I will simply charge you full price and still end the session right then and there .  I need to feel safe if I am going to offer you these experiences.  So, please remember, these sessions are strictly platonic.. and viceversa, if for any reason anything I do leaves you feeling uncomfortable, you will be expected to speak up and communicate immediately.



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